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Description of Pathfinder Character Sheet App APK Android

This is a android Character Sheet app apk which can be used by people which love to play the pen and paper RPG game called Pathfinder. This RPG game has so many features and can store  information usually can be added in the paper sheet.You can download Pathfinder Character Sheet APK Android here .

Each information is categorized into pages in a way which can find it easily when you need each time.

Pathfinder Character Sheet android apk


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Special Features.

1) You can store the level of your character or if you have subclasses you can save the level of each subclass.
2) You can add the experience you take from each quest, and app notifies you for next level after you reach the next level experience.
3) Automatic ability modifier calculator. App calculates the ability modifier each time you modify an ability score.
4) Each ability modifier is used to any other stat that needs it, and there is no need for you to add it by hand.
5) Automatic feet to square conversion.
6) You can add your Weapons or generally your attacks in the Equipment page. Also you can add a roll action where you select die type,modifier,etc or just leave it empty if you want to use your real dice.
7) Dice roller has a 1 second delay between each click in order to prevent misclicks or cheats 😉
(I intend to add it as a user option (to enable or disable this) in a future version but i am waiting your feedback if it is really needed).
8) Standard skills are added when you create a new character, but you can add more skills if you want something extra. Moreover skills take the ability modifier automatically from the ability page. You only have to configure your ranks.
9) You can store your feats , special abilities with a name and a description. (Note: if you have added a description , a little notepad icon will appear on the right side of each of your items which you can click to read it.

10) Spells are categorized by level. Also you can see how many spells of each level you know.
11) You can store notes about your campaign.
12) Dice roller. You will notice a little die image near everything that can be rolled with a die. (Abilities, Saves Cmb checks,etc modifiers are automatically calculated from the info you have inserted in your sheet. (Personally i don’t use this feature 😛 as there is nothing better than rolling your dice:D…. but it works good, try it! ).
13) You can save an unlimited number of characters.

(I believe that this character sheet app is very easy to understand and use but if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments or e-mail me and i will update the FAQ for future reference.)

– Hp and non lethal dmg tracking (suggested by Benjamin) -> Done.
– Temp Modifiers for cmd cmb -> Done
– Add Date to notes -> Todo.
– Add Temp Ability Scores.
– Tracking of used spells.(suggested by Benjamin) -> Todo
– Show a list with the ranks you have spent to skills for easy access -> Done
– Familiar Sheet -> Todo but it will take some time. if someone could e-mail me a link with a character sheet for familiars or animal companions to take as an example, it would help pretty much. Thanks 🙂

Contact me via [email protected]

What’s new

– Fixed reported bugs
– Fixed one Bug in the create action dialog.
– Longer names for everything.
– Negative numbers allowed now
– Armor items are now shown like the attack items.
– Manual sorting to skills by class skill,modifier.
– Automatically add +3 to skills if it is a class skill and ranks are >1
– Automatically add total armor check penalty to skills.(If the checkbox is selected)
(Don’t forget to modify your skills if you have added it as a temp mod)
– Tracking of total ranks spent

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